Down the Rabbit Hole




Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is a very famous amusement park. It opened way back in 1843, the name ‘Tivoli’ referring to the historical Villa d’Este, with its spectacular gardens and waterfalls, located in the town of Tivoli near Rome.

Here at Bakkegården we’ve been thinking quite a lot about Tivoli Gardens lately, because we’ve been invited to open a small shop there, a honey hut, for the forthcoming seasons of Halloween and Christmas. Tivoli is such a wonderful place and I’m thrilled HELT will be there for a few weeks. Who would have thought it possible, for a tiny honey company to have a cameo in this world renowned place of joy and celebration? There’s something magical about working with honey, I can tell you.

Tomorrow I’m going to a local sawmill, where, with the help of a man who is talented with timber, we’ll attempt to build the stands and tables and shelves that will be the backdrop for our colourful products on display in the hut.

And how do we feel about this new adventure about to unfold? Well, we feel like a sapling about to be transplanted into the grandest of gardens. We feel like a beehive on its way to Wonderland. We can’t wait.

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