About Helt

About Helt and Anthony

A few years ago, when Englishman Anthony Lee set sail for Denmark, he had little idea what the future might hold, because at that precise moment, the one overriding thought swirling around his head was the need to return home with the beautiful Danish girl (& future wife) he’d met a little while earlier.

Initial job prospects were certainly not very rosy for Anthony, on account of the fact that he couldn’t speak the local lingo. Anthony discovered that long walks in the fresh air were handy when it came to mulling over audacious ideas and new-fangled notions. It was during one such stroll in the countryside that he came to the unlikely conclusion that beekeeping might well be for him.

Anthony had heard that bees were facing tough times and was keen in some small way to help their cause.
For the next three years, an eager-to-learn Anthony worked tirelessly for one of Scandinavia’s largest commercial beekeeping enterprises, tending hundreds of hives, learning the ways of bees, and taking every possible opportunity to learn from the most enlightened bee-masters around him.
During the evenings, Anthony would immerse himself in books about bees and honey whilst finding ways to nurture honey’s friendly, easy-going nature, which included its willingness to be a host for all manner of delicious in their own right, raw ingredients.

The results simply were astonishing and Helt became the home of forward-thinking honey.

Helt stands tall as a fitting tribute to the beehive’s endless possibilities, its timeless appeal and its gritty determination to make beekind proud.