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Down the Rabbit Hole

    Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is a very famous amusement park. It opened way back in 1843, the name ‘Tivoli’ referring to the historical Villa d’Este, with its spectacular gardens and waterfalls, located in the town of Tivoli near Rome. Here at Bakkegården we’ve been thinking quite a lot about Tivoli Gardens lately, because […]

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New beginnings

    We recently moved. Upped sticks and moved our lives from the wild beauty of Mols to a pretty little village near Skanderborg. The landscape here is defined by trees and water, and huge fields of oilseed rape. It’s good beekeeping country. Our new home has a name – Bakkegaard, which means ’Hill Farm’ […]

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More Than Honey

    In many wistful moments throughout my younger life I’d dreamed of one day becoming a beekeeper. Somehow I’d never got around to it though. There was always something more urgent going on in life, anyway I knew the bees would always be there when I was ready for them. You could count on […]

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Double Award for a Colourful World

    3rd May 2013, Anders Arhøj picked up two awards in recognition of his brilliant work with designing the Helt packaging. These prizes aren’t given away lightly, and our entry was up against some fantastic other designs. So to walk away with not one but both awards is some achievement we think. A few […]

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Grasping for Words

    How easy is to describe the various tastes and aromas of honey? Over the last few months I’ve handed out thousands of samples of honey to people who’ve attended trade fairs, or who’ve stopped by during a honey promotion day at a store. There’s tasting, maybe a facial reaction to the taste, hopefully […]

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Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

    February, and Denmark’s still shivering. Whilst the bees remain huddled inside their hives, slowly eating their provisions and patiently waiting for the first signs of spring, this beekeeper is spending February travelling the length and breadth of Denmark, explaining to everyone he meets how wonderful the honey is that his bees make. February […]

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Autumnal reflections

    The first frosts have arrived here on Mols, this wild and ancient part of Denmark, and another honey season is at an end. The bees are huddling together for warmth, the weary beekeepers packing up and heading indoors to do the same. 2012 has been a challenging season for the bees, with only […]

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Have fun making honey

    Helt as an idea for a business was born through a feeling that the honey industry in Denmark was seen by many consumers as a bit stale and old fashioned. When we started really looking into it, we found that a lot of honey for sale in the stores was pretty uninspiring, it […]

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In Praise of Sloe

    After five long winter months, huddled together inside their hives, the Helt bees responded to the first flowering of spring with an explosion of activity. They need pollen to raise their babies, lots of pollen. One of the earliest sources of pollen comes from the blackthorn tree, which right now is lighting up […]

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