Helt means ‘Hero’ in Danish, a particularly apt name for one of nature’s most remarkable offerings, a fabulously flavoursome creation, brimming with beneficial minerals, vitamins and amino acids that come courtesy of the planet’s most industrious insect, the humble bee.

It’s fair to say that bees have had rather a rough ride in recent years and without wanting to get all gloomy, it’s probably only now that we’re truly beginning to grasp the breathtaking finesse with which our friends, the stripey aeronauts have helped shape our planet.

Helt is a celebration of all things bee, which is why we set out, not simply to toast the magnificence of meticulously farmed honey but also to champion the lesser known fact that honey provides the perfect platform where other fantastical flavours can strut their stuff, be that juicy berries, wholesome spices or even raw cocoa beans.

At Helt, our discerning small batch mindset means that we’re perfectly geared to dabble in all manner of improbable yet incredible flavour liaisons that define both the versatile and heroic nature of top-notch honey.


acacia rapeseed linden  honeycomb_helt
honey ginger cinnamon raspberry